Cabaret & Cabernet: Production Management

For the spring semester of 2017, many of the UCF entertainment management students, including myself, have been working to produce an event centered around wine and entertainment called “Cabaret and Cabernet”. This event is a fundraiser to benefit the students at UCF’s Rosen College, while also being a way for entertainment management students to showcase their skill and talent to the community and industry professionals.

I have volunteered for events before, but I have never had to produce a live event. For “Cabaret and Cabernet,” I was lucky enough to be part of the production management team. Through this experience, I have already learned so much about production. As a production manager, I got experience working with all of the other teams on this project (marketing, operations, and entertainment). Part of my job was to create a scope, schedule, and budget, and make sure the other teams stayed within these limitations.

As the event neared, my job had become busier and more exciting. I had become one of the main lines of communication between the team leaders and our project lead. As our project lead focused on the bigger elements of the event, I had been in charge managing all the finite details. I had been working to make sure our supply orders are on budget, and I had been communicating with the Dean of Finance to make sure the teams get the correct supplies they requested. Additionally, I was in communication with UCF’s Office of Student Involvement to make sure our event is covered under the necessary safety and liability forms.

As “Cab and Cab” approached, I learned that producing an event is a 24/7 job. There were many obstacles along the way. I learned that in any type of production there will be obstacles. Therefore, I am so proud of everyone who has worked on this event for coming together to overcome these obstacles.

“Cab and Cab” happened on April 22. The days before, I spent my time doing inventory on our supplies and helping the other teams set up their rooms. I made sure that all of the entertainment, and the people in charge of entertainment had everything they needed to put on their best performances. While the event was taking place, I was managing the money and revenues all night. We had several different areas in the event that would help us make money. For example, we had a wine pull, silent auction, and merchandise stands set up. Managing the revenues was one of the most important jobs because the purpose of the event was to make money for our university.

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