Florida Music Festival: Stage Management and Marketing

This spring, I have been volunteering with Florida Music Festival. This festival takes place every year in Downtown Orlando for three days, with 15 stages and 150 bands. Florida Music Festival also serves as an industry conference for artists, managers, and producers.

This year, I have been working to market the event and the bands. I was also excited to be stage managing during the actual event.

On the first two nights, I got to work at The Social. I got to stage manage for many local bands on the rise. I learned so much about stage managing and marketing, while working directly with the venue and the bands.

This event took place from April 20-22. To find out more, you can visit the FMF website: www.floridamusicfestival.com.

Marketing for FMF
Marketing for FMF at UCF during Market Wednesday.
Florida Music Festival Promotion
Fliers from Florida Music Festival
FMF Stage
FMF Church Street Stage
SALES stage managing
Stage Managing for SALES at The Social
Stage managing at The Social
Stage managing at The Social


Here are some photos I took while marketing.

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