Surf 97.3 FM: Intern

This past summer, I was an intern at Surf 97.3 FM, a radio station in Flagler Beach Florida. Even though the station is local to people living in Flagler County, there are many listeners from around the world who stream the station online or through the “Tune In” app. My job consisted of helping the station with events, as well as working directly in the station. I learned about how a station is run and managed. I learned how to use the recording equipment and how to burn songs onto the station’s music library. I have also been learning the basics of Audacity, an audio program used to edit songs and recordings, and Zara Radio, the software that the station runs on. Additionally, if you tune in to Surf 97.3 FM you might hear that I have also been doing voice work for some commercials. There were even times I was a guest on DJ Vern’s show.

I was extremely fortunate to be learning from the excellent staff at Surf 97.3. My boss, Vern Shank, has had a lot of experience in the entertainment industry. He owns the station, owns his own DJ Company, has worked in video production, has an artist management company, and is a screenplay writer. Not only was I learning important details about radio, but I was also able to talk to Vern about his experiences in the entertainment industry and learn from him. I am so thankful to Vern and the staff at Surf 97.3 for allowing me to work for them and learn from them.

If you are interested in everything that Surf 97.3 FM does, or just want to listen, you can do so here: 

DJ Surfin' Vern (the station owner) and I at the Surf 97.3 Studio.
DJ Surfin’ Vern (the station owner) and I at the Surf 97.3 Studio.
Going on air at Surf 97.3.
Going on air at Surf 97.3 FM.

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